Brazilian Corn Exports

Brazilian Corn – In 2019 Brazil became the largest exporter of corn in the world, even surpassing the United States, with shipments of 44.9 million tons, an increase of 88% in relation to the previous year. Brazilian corn production is the third largest in the world with increased productivity, and this record has made corn exports 5th in the ranking as one of the most exported products in Brazil. Japan, Iran, Vietnam, South Korea and Egypt are some of the main destinations for Brazilian corn.

Main Brazilian Corn Types / Specification



Moisture:12% Max.
Foreign Material:2.0% Max.
Protein:7.5% Max.
Damaged Kernels:3.0% Max.
FAD:3.5% Max.

Corn Flour

Moisture:14% Max.
Ash Content:0.50% Max.
Protein:11.50% Max.
Wet Gluten:28% Min.
Appearance:Creamy White

Maize Starch

Moisture:13% Max.
Ash Content:0.2% Max.
Protein:0.45% Max.
Starch:98% Min.
Appearance:White Powder

Brazilian Corn Export


Contract time: 12 to 60 months
Departure: Port of Santos or other brazilian port
Packaging: 50 KG bags
Minimum: 12.500 MT and multiple

To request a quote

1. Type of Corn
2. Monthly Amount of MT
3. Contract Time (if not SPOT)
4. Country of Destination and Port

Essential documents to start trading commodities:

With your target price in hands or right after receiving and accepting the informed price of the commodity by seller, please, send us:

LOI with all this information: 1) Product 2) Product Specification 3) Country and Port of destination (If not FOB) 4) Quantity (in MT) 5) Time of Contract (if not SPOT) 6) Packaging (pack specification or bulk) 7) Other Mandatory Procedures 8) Target or accepted price 9) Payment Alternative (SBLC, DLC and other payment specifications) 10) Other details and requeriments 11) TOP 50 Bank Information (Bank, Address, Account Number, Holder and Bank contact) 12) Date, Address and Stamp of the purchasing company and director name and signature.

ICPO: The same information request for a LOI plus Proof of Funds (RWA or BCL).

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