Legal in Brazil

Legal Representative is required by Brazilian law and it obligates a company’s corporate charter to include the nomination of at least one Brazilian or foreigner with a permanent Visa as the company’s legal representative. Pending the granting of a Visa or by choice, all businesses or people planning to establish themselves in Brazil call a representative service.

Legal Representative in Brazil

We provide the service of legal representative of your company in Brazil. One of our directors is named in the corporate charter, but is in no way involved in the operational management or decision-making of the company. This service does not involve any action or displacement, and only affects the assumption of responsibility afforded by the title of director.

Lawyer and Law Office in Brazil

The principals (foreigners or non-residents/natural persons or legal entities) of a Brazilian company, must be represented in the corporate charter by a Brazilian resident. In order to assume the legal representation of the principals, a Brazilian or foreigner with a permanent Visa must become the representative, by proxy, of the associated members in Brazil. He or she must be named in the charter of the company, and has signing authority for principals.

Our Legal Representative Team

Available professionals to work as administrator and legal representative of our customers. We advise our customers to obtain the digital certificates and the use of temporary tax address. All processes are coordinated in a partnership with clients’ law firms. We speak in Portuguese, English, Spanish and German.

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