Manufacturing and Pre Shipment Inspection Brazil

We monitor and inspect our customer's goods with precision and professionalism

Manufacturing and Pre-Shipment Inspection is an important procedure when a company imports some types of products. By specifying in detail the requirements to be observed in each phase of production or in certain production phases, it is possible to certify that the products to be shipped are those that were purchased. Likewise, once the production is completed, it is important to follow the process of shipping the products. This set of services are important especially at the beginning of imports of new suppliers from other countries.

Our Main Services

We perform onside product inspections for quality, quantity, weight, defects, specific tests for brake resistance, heat resistance, etc, in some of product stage, before, during and after manufacturing and before shipping, as informed below:

Advantages of Our Services

Among other advantages, we present some of the most important and essential for the success of your import:

Our Team of Inspectors

Count on us through our team of inspectors with experience in auditing products and processes, and who will comply exactly with what is designated by our client.

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